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Adventure through a 5e compatible cosmic horror campaign complete with full story, unique subclasses, an immersive madness mechanic, and raid-style bosses! Chapelwick blurs the paper-thin line between reality and nightmare. Gather your companions and brave the madness for no one is safe from the city that crawled out of the sea.

Will You Conquer the Darkness
or Fall into Madness?

We’ve taken all your favorite parts of the tabletop experience and amplified them while adding themed & unique mechanics that you’ll love. We’ve ensured that every detail will immerse you deeper into Chapelwick and help your party explore the origin of the mysterious city that crawled from the sea.

Expansive World

The Voxswell Caldera’s unique locales can stand on their own or slot into your own world. Players will be rewarded for straying off the beaten path.

Raid-Like Bosses

Unique mechanics mean each boss will be the exact right amount of fun and challenging to battle! No bullet sponges or boring end fights here!

Exciting Combat

Gone are the days of encounters that are just stacks of health – each combat furthers the immersion and story of Chapelwick in a fun and meaningful way.

Engaging NPCs

Each NPC around the Voxswell Caldera has their role to play, and the decisions the party makes will impact everyone they encounter!

Madness Mechanic

What’s cosmic horror without madness? Expanded madness tables that include both roleplay and mechanic ramifications to insanity.

Compelling Stories

The world Chapelwick rests in lives and breathes. The deep lore that connects the world is ready to be explored and unearthed by the right party.

New Sub-classes

We’re adding at least eight new sub-classes, each themed around the Voxswell Caldera’s terrors. This should be plenty for your table to experiment with! 

Items & Gear

Special items and weapons that grow with your party will keep play exciting. The party will be hard-pressed not to spend all their loot money every time you stop in a shop!


There will be countless opportunities for roleplay throughout Chapelwick – will you be remembered as heroes or villains of the Voxwell Caldera?

Become Heroes Villains
Of the Caldera

Heroes Villains
Of the Caldera

It was a dreary autumn night on the shores of the Caldera. With only the moon to light it, the city of Chapelwick crawled out of the sea and asserted itself on the shoreline. That morning people were traveling in and out as though the city had always been there.

The magics that coalesce in this world result from the collective consciousness of all beings in the universe, and as minds are added, altered, and removed, the Glow shines, dampens, and warps in response.

Some minds have always been, and will always be, unique contributors to the Glow – with a more substantial influence. Dreams may abound, but the Glow also contains the collective nightmares of the people and the Great Old Ones. When these gurgle to the surface, no one is safe in the Caldera.

Chapelwick’s appearance was only the beginning. A widespread sense of Deja vu settled on the Caldera as crowds were drawn to the same empty stretch of wilderness while countless more vanished without a trace. Many inhabitants think it’s all a coincidence, but you know where the Glow is concerned, nothing is chance. You suspect one of the eternal minds of the Glow must not be resting well.

Our team can’t wait to share this world with you, complete with a gripping story, comprehensive lore, and the ever-present choice to be either heroes or villains of the Caldera.

No More Searching for Music

As part of the Chapelwick package, our resident composer is working on scoring the campaign from start to finish! This means tracks orchestrated to transport your table to the shores of the Voxswell Caldera.

The music will put you right in the middle of the strange cities, dizzying cosmic infinity, and dark corners of Chapelwick. These tracks will fully immerse any group and make your adventure one you’ll remember.